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First Blog by The Thoughtful Wave

Hello! I'm excited - and a bit apprehensive- to start my blog. But I love exploring new things, so here I go …

A bit about me

My name is Daniella Oviedo and I'm the founder of The Mindful Beings Method, aka The Thoughtful Wave.

I want to discuss & ponder all things related to humans and our behaviours through psychology & mindfulness. It’s my passion and my work and I really want to share it with others.

I entered the world of the UK education system in 2012 after I returned from two years in Sydney Australia. I was studying Transpersonal Psychology and art therapy while completing a placement in the mental health ward at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital.

It's been a long and unexpected journey without a doubt! Starting my career in education, I feel like I have learned and explored so much along the way, including teaching movement & yoga to children and adults. Being a trainer for a yoga organisation that allowed me to travel around the UK delivering their courses, creating their courses and online learning. So I decided to do it for myself and have creative freedom . Now I am creating online courses and learning programmes from South East London, my day job is working in schools and colleges and making home visits across London.

I have so many thoughts, ideas, and experiences - and I feel that it’s time to share and open up discussion around all the helpful tips I’ve got to support adults and the children in our lives.

What is The Mindful Beings Method?

It's a combination of all my personal interests, practices, and education - and the thread tying it all together is people. I am fascinated by humans and our behaviour and I love working with and studying the mind. What makes us do the things we do?

The Method draws upon transpersonal psychology, art therapy, Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness, breath-work, yoga, sound therapy, and a passion for movement and most things sport related.

In practice, it’s a simple and gentle approach that supports the wellbeing and mental health of teachers, children, and young adults.

First blog down! Phew. Ready to dive into this blogging world.

@mind.fulbeings aka The Thoughtful Wave

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Sep 01, 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed, can’t wait for the next 😊🙏

Daniella Oviedo
Daniella Oviedo
Sep 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you - look forward to your contributions. 🙂

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