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Anxiety Mondays

Anxiety Mondays

This thought returns to my mind a lot.

The anxiety experienced on a Monday is exceptionally higher than any other week day, so it seems within schools.

Especially experienced within the school and even more so from the teachers - I cant speak about other working environments as this has been my world for the last 13 yrs.

Perhaps it is something that is experienced across the UK in general in most workplaces, and perhaps it's an international working experience.

I wonder what that does for us as a collective?

Breaking this into strands makes me think about what it is that we fear, particularly on Mondays, the first day of our working week.

Is it purely the uncertainty of the week?

For teachers, is it hoping that the staff and children don't challenge us too much and we don't have to dig deep on resourcing (self care) for ourselves.

In schools there is a constant flow of supply staff that come into the classrooms. This is very challenging for the children and permanent staff.

I wonder how we accept this structure?

Cultivating anything positively comes from empowering from the bottom up and I know schools run briefings in the morning. An idealistic thought of mine would be getting the staff to breathe together on Monday on top of what needs to be addressed.

I know one Head who cleverly addresses what needs pulling up with a more positive spin and thanks her staff in advance for the changes that need to be made - she is empowering her staff.

Management can really transform the experience for the teachers and the overall wellbeing of the staff and the children. It can be as simple as a “thank you” in advance.

Set that week up right - Empower the staff.

We must drink as we pour

Then my thoughts go to… if your classroom teacher is in an internal meltdown (high levels of anxiety), often on a Monday - how does that impact the children in the room?

Children are exceptionally sensitive beings; they can feel things before they find the language to express them.

They will feel this anxiety from their teacher and that can produce more challenging behaviour on top of what they are personally managing themselves on a Monday.

How can we nurture and support everyone's well being - especially on a Monday - Anxiety Mondays.

Don't forget to Breathe - one breath at a time.


Thoughts From - The Thoughtful Wave.

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