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Meet the founder, Daniella Oviedo

Daniella is an educator and Movement therapist who has worked within education for over twelve years, much of that with children with special needs from early years to adults. 


She has worked with St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia, The Kids Company In  London Uk, and both mainstream sector and SEND schools and inclusion units across London UK.

 Additionally, she worked as a Trainer & Content Creator  for  Special Yoga, specifically with visually impaired and Neurodiverse students.

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“Always in Development to expand my ability to be with a wide range of human experiences”


Daniella Oviedo


The Mindful Beings Method is based on unconditional positive regard to help nurture compassion, with an understanding of others and ourselves in the classroom.

It draws upon Transpersonal psychology, Art therapy, Buddhist philosophy, Breath-work, Yoga, and a passion for physical fitness and Movement.

Delving beneath the behaviour of students, it looks beyond perceived bad behaviour or challenges and offers easy bite-size information and practices to do in the moment, as well as longer term practices to fully ground and calm.

This method works on the psychology of the classroom and the different dynamics that come in to play throughout the day, involving both staff and students. In practice, its is a simple and gentle approach to support the wellbeing and mental health within the population of teachers, children and young adults.


Used regularly, by both teachers and pupils, it:

- Builds up awareness to over-whelming thoughts that come with intense emotions.

- Develops a wider emotional vocabulary.

- Creates confidence and awareness. 

- Aids co-regulation.

- Improves relationships between staff & students.


All practices  can be delivered and taught in the classroom, from your chair. You just need to be in a calm space and be sitting comfortably, and the exercises take less than ten minutes.


The method is currently available in a video format on Breath work & Mindfulness for SEND are a examples to the online library content available here

Or one to one or group zoom training sessions, which you can read more about here

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2010 - Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, at The College of Complimentary Medicine, Australia.

2014  - 2022 - Vipassana 10 day silent Meditation courses and serves. 

In 2015  - 2021 - teacher training with Special Yoga, becoming a trainer/senior practitioner/mentor/ content creator for the organisation

In 2016 - 200 hrs Hatha Yoga teacher training at AyurYoga Eco Ashram, Mysore; India.

In 2019  - Level 1 Restorative training - Judith Lasiter - London.

2023 - 2025 - Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers programme - Jack kornfield & Tara Brach.

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