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Online Movement

Daniella is available for online movement sessions for both adults , children with special needs (zoom sessions) & Social & emotional needs too. 

Teaching sessions for one

Daniella will work intuitively to the specific needs of the individuals. Daniella's Classes create spaces of peace that empower children/adults to fully receive the benefits of the therapeutic practices.


Group session

Daniella will offer a fun and inclusive space for all those attending the group- practising patience and laughter.


All sessions are delivered with patience, kindness, respect and gratitude.

“ I would like to address by endorsing Daniella’s movement sessions and what it does to rehabilitate my body. It is a good calm lesson. It makes me feel relaxed with self encouragement and confidence and what could possibly go wrong?

When you do it - makes you relaxed and adds unique competence.

And it also gets rid of our nightmares and worries.

It's okay to be a bit self confident in the movement sessions which could spark some people to be a bit uncomfortable - which is okay.”


Tiago - 14yrs - Student at Spa Camberwell school.

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