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Training & Support

Educational Settings


Daniella is available for online training with school & college staff members around co-regulating with pupils and supporting wellbeing for all. 


Q & A Sessions are available to support those using these therapeutic practices for themselves and for others.


With so much happening in a teacher's life, from the stress of inspections to cost of living struggles, it can be hard to leave life at the classroom entrance. 


Daniella coaches and trains in easy to adopt methods that will allow you to walk through that door, calm, grounded and ready.

 To practise as a group the importance of stopping to pause and breathe together. 

Reducing classroom anxiety for staff and children and increasing learning and teaching sessions to their optimum.

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Parents & Caregivers

Currently in the UK 2023 there are 180 families a day, asking the government for support with their children or children in their care with SEND.

 Daniella will share her knowledge & experiences  to parents & those in caregiver roles.


A simple and gentle  approach to support the  wellbeing of the parental figures. And potentially bringing more balance to the households. 

These can be delivered in one hour, half day or day slots. Contact Daniella to book.  


The majority of these are online, but Daniella may be available for occasional in person training. Again, contact to discuss availability and rates. 

“Daniella is such a special woman, brave and powerful. I am grateful as a fellow human being for all her actions on this earth and the difference she is making.

 Her courage to go fourth with healing love against the odds, I just have so much admiration for her.”


Miray - Intensive Interaction Trainer & Mother.

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