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Online Library:​

  • Breathing into Calm 

  • Mindfulness for SEND

An  outline of  the structure  of all programmes:

This course consists of  an annual access to six short videos where the information that you need to calm and ground through using the breath is demonstrated.  An explanatory PDF accompanies this course, designed to be succinct and practical  avoiding information overload.



Daniella takes us through 6 different types of breath-work  practices which teachers can use to 


  • Centre themselves before a lesson

  • Calms pupils & Staff members

  • Help those who are lacking in focus and attention

  • Improves awareness to emotions & physical body

  • Enhances overall wellbeing

Regular use of the techniques will improve emotional wellbeing and mental health as well create a space to encourage a strong and inclusive pupil voice around these subjects. To discuss purchasing this for your school please contact Daniella here

Prices are for an annual access for one school, please contact to discuss access for more than one school, if you are a trust.

A new course will be following in 2024.

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