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Daniella Oviedo

The Mindful Beings Method

Movement Therapist and Educator.

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Daniella is a Movement Therapist, who  offers a range of therapeutic services for children and young adults.

Leading and developing a method, to 

support education providers with their staff and students.

It has been found that 16.5% of children within the education system are diagnosed with special needs* of some sort. This is a figure that sits at  1.50 million pupils in England - 2023. Each of these needs a unique understanding of their own needs and behaviours. 


At the same time, Ofsted is demanding that schools develop a whole-school mental health approach to support mental health and well-being, create in school strategies, and support the needs of those facing greater demands. This includes those with special educational needs, medical and mental health needs. 

In 2023 the Department of education reported in the UK there are 389,171 children who have an education health and care plans.


Children and Young Adults within the SEND cohort (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) need to be introduced to wellbeing techniques to support their sensory and emotional needs with managing their  environments. Giving the students/teachers  a wider range of therapeutic practices to include this into the classroom and curriculum.

Even without a diagnosis many teachers included, struggle with engagement, overwhelm, comparison, anxiety, lack of support and stress. 

No wonder it can be hard to cope, let alone create a grounded, peaceful space in the classroom.


Feeling this sense of calm is a key part of being able to lead for the teacher and learn for their students. It is this feeling of groundedness that results in co-regulation, if the teacher maintains their calm - it helps those students reach a similar place. Where they can regulate their emotional state, engage and blossom. 


The Mindful Beings method has been created to do just this, offering video resources - workshops  as well as one to ones. Founder Daniella Oviedo has created a method that helps educators bring themselves back to a place of groundedness no matter what else is going on for them in their lives. 

The Method:

 * Tackles long-term stress

* Shares tried and tested techniques that help students & teachers find their calm, engage & self regulate

* Supports Ofsted requirements

* Gives teachers practical tools and an understanding in basic psychology on how to deal with issues such as  Intense Emotions, Sensory behaviours  & Group dynamics etc.

Facilitating physical and mental movement


programs for 

educational providers

Therapeutic Movement for Autism


Sound Therapy

with Singing Bowls

Hatha and Restorative Yoga

"Daniella has been a wonderful, calming and energising force for our household. Her work and exercises are pitched to be enjoyable, achievable and over time the sessions have enabled my ASD son to get stronger, improved his co-ordination, flexibility and this has led to a big boost in his self-confidence and reduced his stress levels enormously.

My daughter has benefited from Daniella's unbelievable patience and kindness and she has worked with Nina to help her learn how to relax and calm down. This has led to a great reduction in anxiety and stress not only for her but for the whole household.

I can honestly say that Daniella's work and help have been transformative to both my children and has improved their wellbeing far beyond her sessions and made them more confident, less fearful and much more able to enjoy life"

Nicola- Mother, 48.  

"Our experience with Daniella as a yoga teacher for our very complex group of deaf blind learners was extremely positive.

She was child centred and very in tune with the specific needs of each student and was able to provide a calming influence for all of the students including some with significant sensory needs that often presented as behavioral challenges.

She was able to provide both 1:1 and group sessions  that all students gained benefit from and this was evidenced from observations and feedback from teachers, staff and families."

Sarah Norris - The Alba Centre, Linden Lodge School.

"Daniella's yoga class is the one I always recall in my head. Her way of teaching is selfless and effortless, which directed the importance to the student to look inward and stay present. And i always believe that a true yogi is in the way, one lives their daily lives. She cares about her surroundings and her level of care is reflected in all that she does. She is definitely one of the yogis that left an impact here. 

Thank you Daniella."

Dan Wang - Founder of 'Red Forest Retreat'.

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"It's a privilege to witness and facilitate new potential for others, it is one of the many aspects that makes me so passionate on sharing Therapeutic Movement." 


Daniella Oviedo.

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