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Mindful Beings 

An Approach on becoming more at ease with our Mind & Body.

Mindful Beings 

The Mindful Beings approach has been born out of the years of being in exploration of healing modalities.

A large piece that would thread through these practices, would be Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state where you are fully in the present moment and this state is the very foundational structure within meditation. 

I draw my knowledge from my own meditation, yoga practice & training in Art therapy.

I have created a simple and gentle  approach to support the  wellbeing within the population of children & young adults. To help build up resilience to over- whelming thoughts that come with intense emotions. 

To develop a wider emotional vocabulary, which can help build up confidence and awareness.

You do not need a yoga mat to learn this, it can be delivered & taught in the classroom, from your chair. You just need to be in a calm space and be sitting comfortably.

This approach has been designed to be used in all educational settings and is available to buy in video format.

Please enjoy a grounding 20 minute yoga sequence that has been created to stimulate the nervous system into the Rest and digest system.

The video has the use of makaton signs to assist those with hearing impairment.

A taster of my sessions and meditations available too.



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